Alan Dershowitz

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

The Vanishing American Jew (1997)

I am a committed Zionist. I believe passionately in the Jewish state. If I had several lives to live, one of them would be as an Israeli. I hope to continue to spend a considerable amount of time, even more as I approach retirement, in Israel. But I am an American, and I love America and believe in its future. I am thankful that as a Jew, I always have the Israeli option available to me and my family if the militia, the skinheads, or the Farrakhans were ever to come to power here…

The time has come to articulate a new, more positive Zionism, responsive not to the anachronistic realities of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries but to the new realities of the (hopefully) post-Anti-Semitic era of Jewish life in the twenty-first century…

We must, of course, never forget the recent pervasiveness of anti-Semitism and the possibility of its recurrence. But we must also prepare ourselves for the prospect, admittedly unique in Jewish history, of an era without external enemies… Israel - like Judaism itself - must remain a positive option to be freely chosen out of love, not merely a negative response to hatred and fear.

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