Arnold M. Eisen

Conservative Judaism Today and Tomorrow

Israel is the single greatest project the Jewish people has going right now, and the most important arena that has been available to Jews in two millennia to put our values to the test and our teachings into practice. We need it. And it needs us.

That is the heart of the matter for me. I am a political Zionist who believes that the survival and thriving of Jews in the world, including here in America, depend upon the existence and vitality of the State of Israel.

I am a cultural Zionist who believes that the flowering of Jewish civilization in the world depends upon close interaction with the “spiritual center”of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. And I am a religious Zionist, convinced that Jews are heirs to a unique story that we are responsible for carrying forward, and because of history, tradition, and faith partners in a covenant aimed at bringing more justice and compassion to the world.