Stav Shaffir

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Speech to the Knesset (2015)

Don’t preach to us about Zionism, because real Zionism means dividing the budget equally among

all the citizens. Real Zionism is taking care of the weak. Real Zionism is solidarity, not only in battle but in everyday life, day to day, to watch out for each other. That is Israeliness.

That is Zionism.

To be concerned about the future of the citizens of Israel. In the hospitals, in the schools, on the roads, on welfare. That is Zionism…

Friends, when we sing “Hatikva,” we sing it in the fullest sense of the word, “Hope”: a politics of hope, a politics that has a future, a politics that is forward-looking, that wants to make life here better, more secure, that wants to make peace, that wants to improve relations between the different sectors within Israeli society, that believes in equal rights, in budgetary equity, that thinks that every single Israel citizen deserves an equal portion, and deserves to live a truly good life here. That is the true Zionism. That’s Hatikva.

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